Cabana Desolation Eco Resort In BC

I’ve been putting together escapes lately that cater to those wanting to get away from the city life and go somewhere remote. I’m talking remote remote, no wifi or roads and way off from the distractions of modern life. During my research this week I came across something so amazing I just had to share with our client’s and magazine readers. Those wanting to truly get away from it all and enjoy nothing but the outdoors are going to love what we’re about to show you.

Say hello to the Cabana Desolation Eco Resort, a truly unique experience on the rugged and beautiful west coast of British Columbia. Inspired by the eco-lodgings of Costa Rica, Cabana Desolation was handcrafted using locally milled Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir and it blends in beautifully with the natural surrounding. You can only reach this place either by kayaking in yourself or taking a boat ride here as it’s located deep in the heart of Desolation Sound.

Cabana Desolation is completely off the grid and located on an uninhabited island in the heart of Desolation Sound. You will not find another accommodation experience located in Desolation Sound, and as far as we know, there isn’t anything else like this in Canada.

They have fantastic local cuisine, comfortable rooms and it’s small enough everyone gets a very personal and serene experience here. The Cabana can hold 10-12 guests at a time and there are just enough in the way of “luxuries” you’re going to need. So yes, there is a washroom!

The maximum capacity of the Cabana Desolation Eco Resort is just 9 guests, and they operate seasonal from late May to mid-September. If you’re looking for a true eco-luxury experience on the beautiful west coast of Canada we cannot think of a better option. If you’re interested in this kind of vacation get in touch and we can see what dates they have left and help plan your next eco-friendly getaway via 1-888-201-0514.

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