If you’re about to start planning something with our escape artists and you have a rather large social following, please let us know. We offer in-experience perks, as well discounts on vacations solely based on your participation and reach.

Influencer Experience


Since the weather is unpredictable we offer a last minute storm watching service to get you there before the weather hits. We have executed car service available on Vancouver Island, as well seaplane charter service options for those wanting to fly.


We offer our travel influencers the opportunity to get money back on their vacations with us set on a certain level of activity. This is both discussed and agreed upon before payment with our escape artists. This is a popular option.


We also give all influencers the chance to add their trip to our marketplace and earn commission every time someone takes that escape. We already work with real estate agents, car dealers and executive aircraft providers doing amazing experiences with us.


Our in-experience travel perks are also a fun way to explore Canada in style. We make telling incredible stories not only more fun, but lucrative while producing content that is enjoyed by the masses.


If you’re thinking about planning an escape with us and would like to learn more about our travel influencer program please get in touch. There’s no pressure, learn about how we could work with you and your audience specifically.

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