Canada’s Only Supercar Vacation

Our little corner of the world is arguably one of its most beautiful. Mountains explode off of the horizon behind a modern metropolis that meets a pristine ocean. The further towards the horizon you travel, the more treasures you find. What makes it even more incredible is pairing British Columbia with some of the best driving machines ever created.

After spending our entire lives in the province drooling over German, Italian, and other beautiful pieces of machinery, we’ve cultivated a collection of tours along the best roads with the most rewarding and unexpected destinations. This tour grew from a group of friends who wanted to unwind together during the summer over a common interest. Every year since, we’ve tried to get together with our cars and find even better roads and more beautiful places to stop.


This experience wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people and their cars over at SEA TO SKY EXOTIC. They have a fleet of supercars and exotics that are perfect for any type of road trip in beautiful BC. Whether you’re looking to cruise in style in a Bentley or experience one of the local tracks in something quick, we’ve got you covered. A Supercar Vacation couldn’t be done without an amazing ride so choose what you’d like to drive carefully.


Our supercar vacations are as diverse as the landscapes you’ll drive across. We have a few tour options but your first appointment with our concierge will have it all figured out. You can do an overnight experience, a weekend supercar getaway or take the challenge of our 5-day grand tour. Take one of SEA TO SKY EXOTIC’s cars or bring your own, it doesn’t matter so long as you drive what you love.

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