VDAY 2018

For those looking to get away from it all and do something extraordinary for Valentine’s Day this year. Perfect for the adventurous couple who want to inject a little mystery into their lives. Go for the day or make it an overnight affair, we’ll make sure you have a ton of fun and romance along the way. Each trip is planned with some input from our guests to make sure the food, activities and accommodations complement your style.



Choose the option of public or private seaplane, get picked up and whisked off to a number of unforgettable locations in British Columbia. We’ll take you to places you’ve never been making unforgettable memories and the supplying the photos to prove it. We’ve got seaplanes, helicopters, supercars and boats in our arsenal and we’re not afraid to use them!


Your adventure will be filled with romantic stops throughout and paired with local food and drink. Guests can either make this mystery escape an overnight experience or just the day and evening. Either way you’ll be treated to experiences BC that very few even know to exist. This is an escape for an adventurous couple where everything’s planned around the special couple’s unique connection.


This escape is open to everyone lucky enough to be completely in love and looking to celebrate something special in a way that will never be forgotten. We aim to bring a bit of mystery into your Valentine’s Day, so let us do the planning and make it a surprise. We can arrange photographers, work engagements into the schedule – should that be in your plan – and just about any request to make your escape that much more special.






There is a limited number of people we can accommodate with our public and private transportation options. Please get in touch to start planning your 2018 Valentine’s Day Mystery Escape with us today. Prices for this escape start at $2,000 CAD.

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